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With a distinguished career spanning over two decades, I embarked on my technology journey in 2001 during the era of dot-com disruptions, monophonic ringtones, grayscale aesthetics, and unconventional mobile devices. Throughout my trajectory, I've thrived in pivotal roles within technology innovators and esteemed publishers across the web and mobile software sectors.

My track record underscores my adeptness at driving successful initiatives. Notably, I've led the product development and launch of a next-generation mobile messaging application, orchestrated the launch of AI-powered sales software, molded the roadmap of an expansive eCommerce platform, overseen Universal Music Group's multimillion-dollar mobile content enterprise, and crafted dynamic promotional campaigns for consumer brands using cutting-edge image and audio recognition technology.

Within my current tenure at Revenue.io, I assumed the role of Product Manager for Moments™, an AI-powered real-time conversation guidance tool that empowered global sales teams to elevate their performance. In my present capacity, I serve as the Product Manager for the RingDNA Communications Hub (a softphone designed to empower salespeople) and the Administration Console (a backend tool within Revenue.io that enables customers to efficiently manage users, permissions, licensing, and more).

My academic foundation includes a BS from the University of Southern California and a Certificate in Web Development earned at New York University. Proficient in both client and server-side programming, I have experience in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.

When I'm not up to my ears in all things digital, I make music, spend time with friends and enjoy Southern California's culture, nature and cuisine. For professional inquiries or to simply say hello, drop me an email.

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Professional Experience

Revenue.io: Product Manager (2019 – Present)

Solid Commerce: Product Manager (2017 – 2019)

Freelance: Web Developer (2014 – 2017)

ideally / Shmap: Director of Product Dev. (2013 – 2016)

in8 iD (NantMobile): Manager, Content & Promotions (2011 – 2013)

Universal Music Group Distribution: Senior Producer (2007 – 2010)

Warner Bros.: Lead of Wireless Personalization (2005 – 2007)

Infospace Mobile: Manager of Production (2001 – 2005)

Emperor Norton Records: Distribution Manager (1999 – 2001)


New York University: Web Development Certificate Program (2014)

University of Southern California: B.S. in Music Industry (2000)

My Work

Please browse through select work samples and information below. For additional details on my background, please don't hesitate to download my resume and reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Product Manager Roles

SaaS Product Manager for RevOps Software

Charting the course in the realm of SaaS innovation as Revenue.io's Product Manager, I steer the evolution of RevOps software. In this capacity, I spearhead the advancement of the Admin Console, a sophisticated backend solution orchestrating third-party integrations, user permissions, and product configurations. Simultaneously, I guide the progression of the RingDNA Communications Hub, a pivotal softphone/dialer solution catering to both inbound and outbound teams.

At the core of my role lies proactive support for a diverse global customer base, ensuring seamless alignment with their evolving needs. Beyond refining existing features, I am a catalyst for innovation. My instrumental role in the successful launch of Moments™, an AI-powered conversation guidance tool for sales professionals, underscores this spirit. Equally significant, I facilitated the seamless integration of Moments™ across the Revenue platform, amplifying its impact within the ecosystem.

Collaboration stands as my guiding principle, as seen through dynamic cross-functional engagements with internal stakeholders and valued customers. In this spirit of partnership, I have deftly shaped and executed the product roadmap. Steering a versatile team spanning back and front-end engineers, data scientists, UI/UX designers, and QA experts, I have transformed concepts into reality, delivering solutions that transcend features.

SaaS Product Manager for a Multichannel E-commerce Platform

Within the dynamic realm of e-commerce SaaS solutions, I held a pivotal role as Product Manager at Solid Commerce. I defined comprehensive product requirement, steering the evolution of Channels Manager, the multichannel inventory e-commerce platform, and Marketplace Shipping, an exclusive orders and shipping system for UPS.

My responsibilities spanned the gamut of feature development, where I orchestrated engineering priorities, authored precise user stories, and meticulously enhanced UI/UX to optimize user experience. This process entailed seamless cross-functional collaboration, both internally and externally. Operating as a conduit between various stakeholders, I facilitated a direct line to customer insights.

With a keen pulse on business needs, I adeptly navigated development sprints, ensuring that our deliverables harmoniously met stakeholder expectations. This intricate dance between technical feasibility and strategic alignment ensured that not only were timelines honored, but the final product resonated powerfully with the market.

SolidCommerce.com | ChannelsManager.com
UPS Marketplace Shipping

Product Manager of a location-based mobile messaging app and CMS

As a co-founder and driving force behind Ideally, I led the conception and development of Shmap, an innovative location-based mobile messaging application that harnessed GPS technology and Bluetooth Low Energy to center location within the social messaging experience.

In this multifaceted role, I held a spectrum of responsibilities that spanned far beyond traditional product management. As a co-founder and product manager, I was instrumental in defining product requirements through meticulous documentation and user stories. My hand in crafting the product roadmap ensured a strategic alignment that drove success.

My scope of influence extended to user documentation, business strategy, and even web development, as I orchestrated the app's online presence. Integral to the project's seamless user experience, I crafted impactful UI/UX designs that resonated with users. To amplify its reach, I engaged in comprehensive social media marketing campaigns, aimed at elevating Shmap's recognition.

The coalescence of my efforts facilitated the creation of Shmap, showcasing the power of collaborative innovation and determined execution in a challenging market environment.

promo video & original music by me

Development, Design & Documentation

Web Development & Design

I have a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript and have earned a Certificate in Web Development from New York University. I've built this site you're currently visiting, along with several others for both previous employers and as a freelance developer for 3rd party clients.

Product Documentation

As a Product leader, I acutely understand the value of clear, comprehensive documentation for businesses and consumers. Whether reducing support calls or reinforcing product value, proper documentation is crucial to the success of all products.

Mobile Content

in8 iD

Mobile app content, promotions, growth and user engagement manager

At in8 iD I managed the concepts, creative design, implementation and roadmap for all content and marketing within in8 Mobile's two mobile applications: iD Browser and Verizon iD. These multi-modal recognition applications utilized both audio recognition technology (to identify recorded music and sounds), and image recognition technology (allowing users to snap photos of printed media, triggering experiences in the app such as augmented reality, videos, information, scavenger hunts, and more.)

Browse through select projects below for examples of my work which focused on building user engagement through in-app campaigns and experiential marketing programs.

in8 Mobile | Nantworks

Notable in8 Mobile Projects

My Work

Mobile personalization content production (ringtones, graphics, mobile websites, etc.)

My experience producing content for mobile devices began back in 2001 when I managed the production of ringtones and graphics for a very early player in the mobile content space: Premium Wireless Services (eventually purchased by Infospace Mobile).

My career path then led me to Warner Bros. and Universal Music Group Distribution where I was the head of production for all mobile content at both organizations (and effectively responsible for tens of millions of dollars in yearly revenue.)

While the importance of mobile personalization content has waned since the mid-to-late 2000's, the importance of providing users with rich, engaging content experiences has not. I embrace the ongoing challenge of creating content for mobile applications that serve value to end users, all while maintaining the highest standards that top content publishers expect.

Personal Interests


I am a musician of 30+ years; a guitarist, drummer, electronic music composer and DJ. I possess more knowledge of popular music than is probably healthy. Music has been a lifelong passion of mine - enriching my personal life and (occasionally) paying my bills.

Charlie playing the guitar



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